For the past few decades, the blizzard of progressive media has turned fierce by the minute.We are blinded by the array of advertisements, marketing campaigns and social media infiltration.

But as it has grown, the stakes have gone up as well. The dependency of a business on its marketing strategies has risen up to be the question of survival. Over the years, the world has observed multi-million enterprises crashing down on their foundations due to the mere lack of creativity or planning in the marketing division.

For instance, there is a laundry detergent. You are trying to imply its need on the consumer. If you’re not aware of your audience in your advertisement, if you come off not relaying your message properly, if your product is not attractive in its aura; your laundry detergent will never see a washing machine for the rest of its life.

In real time and money, dynamic industries such as Pepsico have suffered tremendous losses due to miscommunication. “Crystal-Pepsi”was introduced in the United States and Australia in 1992-3. It was a white drink, and since PepsiCo has ruled the black-drink industry for a long time, the perception came out all wrong, and Crystal-pepsi was declared the worst blunder in the history of PepsiCo International.

Speaking of product failures due to miscommunication, Colgate, a brand always associated with oral hygiene products, launched a line of “frozen foods” in 1982, in attempt to increase and diversify its product-range. Needless to say, the idea failed before the products even properly hit the shelves, and Colgate was forced never to step outside the mouth region.

Word is, Ponds tried to launch a toothpaste once. I don’t even need to complete my sentence, owing to the absurdity of the idea itself.

More recently, Microsoft decided it was time to make a fool of itself. So the launched ‘Zune’, in 2005, as a retaliation to Apple’s iTunes. iTunes held the music downloading data-bases like a boss, and the poor little software was lost in the crowd in a few blinks. Know your competitor, folks!

And since it wasn’t enough of a blow, Microsoft decided to launch Windows Vista in 2007. The interface was not at all user-friendly, the themes were dull, the widgets were too flashy, all in all, it was a major flop. That went down faster than a meteor, and Microsoft has been a good boy ever since.

Companies have also suffered losses due to lack of research for social cognitive reactions. Mercedes Benz certainly did not think it all the way through, because Benz in some languages is “Bensi”, that means “Rush to die”. Major Oops.

Consequently,these magnates suffered tremendous losses and humiliation. So far we’ve learnt that the organisational impact is catastrophic.

The social impact, is that the face of your organisation becomes unpopular, and in some unfortunate instances, a laughing stock. Your clientele does not trust you, or your other products, if any. You are left with public humiliation, the goodwill of the business is down the drain, and hence,the Gods of Marketing banish you to the depths of the Bad-marketer’s inferno.