Do you sell primarily to customers in your local area, and not to some dude or dudette thousands of miles away?

Is it frustrating because you really are not sure how you can use digital marketing to work for you because you know that “the web” is everywhere and you really do not want to spend marketing dollars and time selling to somebody many, many miles away.

Impleatur has solved this issue for you.  We have a whole toolbox full of marketing strategies and solutions that you will not even believe!  Yes they are that good….

Let’s take a look at just a few of these tools:

  • How about a press release about your new product or event that will put you on the first page of google organically for your most valuable key words.  Oh yah, that would normally cost you around a grand, but how does less than $300 sound?
  • Do you have wifi in your business for your customers to use?  You should.  But, usually even if you do, you just give out the password and people gobble up bandwidth on you system.  What if you could collect their information (with their permission of course) and then be able to send them push notifications for sales, events, coupons, etc. — all using your existing wifi system. Oh, I almost forgot the cost again – OK, let’s say less than 50 cents for each new lead!
  • Does the statement “Your reputation means everything” matter to you?  I bet it does. All it takes is for a customer to write one bad review  that you do not address, and your reputation is ruined!  Not any more.  Impleatur has a reputation management tool and service for you that will catch social media posts, reviews, or any kind of online comment and reacts to it right away, to reduce or eliminate any reputational damage.  Again, this service is relatively cheap for you and we can do it tomorrow.
  • Many more of these local marketing tools and strategies.

Every business’s local marketing needs are different.  You know that and so do we.  Let us spend our time and design a local marketing solution you can afford and that will work!  Send us your information by clicking here.