Reward Based Model

Impleatur is so confident of achieving success for your offering that we invest in YOU. You pay us only as a partner on revenues we generate. Our team of professionals will develop strategies to monetize your expertise and bring your graph of success to a whole new level!

Marketing Automation

Create your perfect product/service mix and let our marketing automation pros handle the rest! We’ll develop funnels, cross-sells, up-sells, nurture sequences and make sure you capture as much as your target market as possible. Using tools like infusionsoft, mailchimp, constant contact and several others available in the market, lead generation, marketing and following up have become much effective and professional.

Graphic Designing

From the primitive digital ages, to this very moment, the diverse art of Graphic Designing has given face to insignificant Binary Numbers. For the past few decades, graphic designing has progressed into what it is today; a frenzy of colors and realistic graphics. Branding, Signatories, Publications, Marketing, Advertisements, Billboards, Web Graphics, Applications and all sorts of Visual Media, are the astounding products of this label.

Campaign Building

Have your marketing efforts been slumped over and over again? A new marketing campaign is what you need! Our marketing pros will evaluate your business, your past efforts, the authenticity and value of your product/service offering, your target audience and then develop a marketing strategy to run a campaign that would drive results!

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual assistant, is a messiah for all your worries. Sitting at a place of your comfort, with a mere click, Virtual Assistants can provide you what they promise in their name – Virtually Any Assistance! Ranging from administration, product inquiry, creative services, marketing for virtually anything, all your tech-solutions, web-development and maintenance, VAs have amazingly diverse capabilities. They sit tight, online to the very instant, eager to lend a hand. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to handle all your common, everyday chores so that you can focus on developing your business, rather than managing the nitty gritty operational tasks.


With the incredible pace of the digitalization of the global market and the ever-strengthening and vitalizing marketing trends, the art of visual representation of a product in all its dynamics is now essential. Logo, for instance, is an essence without which a corporation is dysfunctional. The brand name, its ambassador colors, the face given to an organization – in short the ‘aura’ that is imposed on the product – are the labels of Branding. Our designers will make sure your face instantly grabs attention and stands prominent among its competitors.

Expert Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re an author, a keynote speaker, an athlete or an aspiring celebrity – We will design the perfect roadmap to your success. Using the highest converting internet marketing tools, as well as effective personal communication tactics, we make sure your audience buy your ideas and you make a sound following. Our industry experience, innovative ideas and use of just the right blend of technology would make sure you reach the place where you aspire to be!


It’s the simple conversion of Speech-to-Text. The speech may be recorded or live. From something as usefully simple as subtitles in a movie, to interviews, interceptions, decryptions, deciphering, trials and reports, transcription comes in hand for a hundred purposes! Our Transcriptionist’s job entails Listening, Evaluating, Equalizing, Comprehending, Translating and typing it in. More than often rated the most popular and useful online services of the digital age, throughout the ages, transcription has become increasingly convenient and reliable. To think of the times that you had to drag along a short hand typist! All hail the transcription services for making this world an easier place.

Web Development

The most complex of existences, including the universe itself, is the World Wide Web.  From creating a plain text startup page, to an online presence for an entire organization, to host websites, social networks that support millions, internet applications, e-businesses spread over the globe; Web Development entails using markup tactics and coding to create websites. The many subsidiaries of Web Development include Web Content Development, Designing, Network security for reasons better not gone into, Clientele Communication Systems, Scripting. From one single page, to insanely spread networks, Web Development has made it possible for you to jump online with a single click and reach out into the world.


From creating cartoon illustration to editing and refining real live videos, videography is a skill that comes in handy whether you are promoting your business, communicating with your audience or sending a highly personalized message across. Videos are one of the fastest and most intimate mode of virtual communication. Just as an image is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million!