What is Impleatur? Impleatur is the Latin word for “fulfill” or “Implement”. Fulfillment or better said, execution is usually the missing link to internet marketing success. And the value of extraordinary execution is the reason we started Impleatur. IMPLEATUR is the bridge between Marketing Education [ Information] and Marketing Results [Sales].

Too often, we hear “I’ve spent 10’s of thousands on Marketing meetings and education but I’ve never monetized my unique product / service offering.”

What’s missing? First the process of assimilating the marketing education is daunting enough but second, the process of implementing and getting results is time consuming and expensive if you don’t know exactly what to do. And that’s where Impleatur comes in. We bridge the gap between product creation and results. And best of all we do it as your marketing partner with each party sharing in the results [revenues]. Isn’t that a better idea than paying someone because you are too busy [or doing it yourself in your spare time] and never making the sales you desire?

We think so.

Are the type of individual that we can work with? Not everyone qualifies. To find out if you qualify as one of our Marketing Partners, we start with a 30 minute interview. Schedule HERE.

Your success is Impleatur’s success!