Small businesses operate differently than Wall Street, your online marketing strategy needs to be different too.


DIYMarketers understand how important local SEO is for your market.


“Long-Form Content

Longer content allows you to go more in-depth on your subject matter. Not only that, but the longer content has historically ranked higher on search result pages, tends to be shared much more than shorter content and results in readers staying on your site for longer periods of time.

SEO skills for small businesses.


Competitive Keywords

The use of keywords is still very important when it comes to boosting your search engine ranking. However, you need to do a substantial amount of keyword research in order to determine what keywords are relevant to not just your business but also to your target audience. Additionally, long-tail keywords are going to be much easier to rank for since they will be more specific and less broad.


Local SEO

Your goal should be to attract consumers that will actually visit your business. This means that if you’re running a cafe in Brooklyn, attracting an audience from Los Angeles isn’t going to do you much good. Because of this, you should be using local keywords in your keyword phrases, such as the name of your city or the name of the neighborhood your business is located in. You should also submit your company’s NAP (name, address and phone number) to various local directories, such as Yelp or Foursquare.”



Here’s BuildFire’s best advice for small businesses and approaching your mobile marketing strategy. 


“A Word About SEO and Mobile Apps

If your business has a mobile app, give yourself kudos for being ahead of the curve for marketing and SEO. The exponential growth in mobile search is a huge boon for businesses who capitalize on the SEO advantages of a mobile app.


Mobile visibility is #1!

Your mobile app helps SEO in two distinct ways:

 1. Google is now treating as a “universal” result in mobile search. Apps with optimized titles and good ratings and reviews will float to the top, displacing even mobile websites with top organic rankings.


 2. Google considers “high quality” apps to be a positive factor in ranking mobile search results. This means that deep links between your app and website could improve your mobile search rank.


If your business markets to a highly mobile audience or relies on mobile search for traffic and leads, you might want to consider adding a mobile app to your marketing strategy.”




CNET has great quick and effective SEO tips for small businesses.

Office strategies for small business SEO.

“Take a look at how web indexes are showing results in your specialty

Get any web analyzer tool and check your on-site issues

Claim your physical location on Google Maps

Whatever you do, be certified

Be careful with fake service provider & consult with small business SEO experts.”




Competitive keywords, local SEO, being mobile friendly. These are just the tip of the iceberg when growing a smart online marketing strategy. With these topics as your top priority, you’ll be able to increase online visibility and reap the benefits from proper small business SEO.


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