“Indulge yourself in the exquisite taste of our product, and travel into a realm of pleasure for your taste-buds”

This advertisment was printed in a well known magazine for an edible product of a famous company. Right below, was an obituary.

Marketing Failed.

The art of marketing, is as complex as it is dire in need. We have travelled into an era where well-marketed products rule the industry, well-manufactured or not. The dynamics of advertising a created brand; the creation of the brand itself and its communication with its audience, is a tricky business.

Imagine a nine-figured corporation,manufacturing millions of units per day, but the markeing team is incompetent. There is a fair chance that the organisation will barely break even, or crash.

The question arises; why do marketers fail? What are the factors that affect the communication of the product to its audience?

First and formeost, would have to be miscommunication of the product itself. Not enough information, false information, or irrelevant information about a product is provided in the advertising, and the product never gets off the store shelves.

Then there’s the Branding of the product, which is the face of a product and hence the organisation. A creative logo, bright and attractive advertisements, both print and electronic, are the essence of the survival and running of a product. Bad conveying tactics have led to huge marketing failures and have cost billions in the past.

Making sure the product is the need of the time is very important. Out of trend products, and out of trend marketing strategies have also led to major fiascos.

Target Marketing Tactics, also ensure the success of a product. Knowing your audience, targeting the areas where the product is in need and attracts the most.

Badly coordinated advertisments, lack of research before marketing a product, disregard of language barriers and simple grammar, puntuation or logic errors, have also had catastrophic results for somevery misfortunate organisations.

So if you’re about to sell your product, beware that manufacturing, was not the trickiest part!